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I'm moving to

Hi every one
This will be the last post on this blog, as I'm moving to a new site. Just like moving house, it is taking a wee while to gets things in the right places and have things nice and tidy for visitors.

The new site will be under and will have 'room's for readers, teachers, school librarians and of course, bookaholics who like to read about book stuff.

Thanks to all the wonderful comments I have received the past few years - looking forward to 'seeing' you all in my new home!

Adele Broadbent

Reignier School Writing Workshop

28th November 2014

I loved being back at Reignier School where both my boys spent their primary school years. This time I was visiting to run a writing Workshop for the school's creative writing stars.
I had a great time with you all. Keep the fantastic ideas and writing going over the school holidays!

Trouble In Time -

Trouble in Time is on bookshop shelves! It's great this story has finally made it out into the big wide world of readers after 12 years on the go.

I hope you like it!

Trouble in Time Launch!

Thanks to all who came along to help me celebrate!

Te Mata School

On Friday, I visited Te Mata School in Havelock North. The whole school have been doing an AMAZING read-a-thon the past few weeks. But instead of counting how many books they read, they counted the amount of minutes reading! That's fantastic! 

Doing this meant that readers from Year 1 to Year 6 could all participate without the stresses of how fast they can read.
After all - READING is what it's all about.

I was invited to be part of their assembly and wow, what an assembly!
The entire school was dressed up, including the teachers and the principal who was dressed as a lion. As soon as I get some photos, I'll post them up. 
There were witches, Wally's, Mrs Wishy-Washy and even a poached egg!

After a cuppa in the staff-room, I visited Room 22 who have been reading Just Jack. But they haven't finished it yet, so as I answered their questions I had to be soooo careful not to give the story away.

Thanks Room 22. You made my day!